Accident & Injury Care

When you are hurt and are seeking restoration the GSC will  do all we can to  bring you back to your pre injury state

Family Practice

The main focus of GSC is family practice.  Everyone is better, healthier, stronger, and more vivacious when under principled chiropractic care.  Infants to aged adults all benefit.

Health Subscription

Care that you can not afford is of little benefit.  For our wellness track and performance track patients we offer individual subscription plans.

Principled Chiropractic Care

My mission, as a principled chiropractor, is to help people achieve their full potential. It is primary, for me, that my practice members can live without the fear of pain; That they can live an affirmed life knowing that we are supposed to be healthy and that without nerve interference, without nerve impingement, and without spinal misalignment our bodies are able to adapt to and overcome the stressors of modern life. It is my mission to remove interference, to remove spinal misalignments, and to thereby allow the body to express health.

Latest News

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